Mission and values

Mission and values - Domuspharma

Domuspharma’s mission:

Giving back to people welfare, quality of life and health.

Domuspharma’ vision:

Our work is focused on a clear aim:
Becoming a leader enterprise for the medical class and a famous brand for people. At the same time, we want to create a pure mental association between Domuspharma’s brand and the efficiency of our therapies.

Domuspharma’s values:

The main value we care about is people, understood as beneficiary of therapy, as provider of therapy and as professionals that work for Domuspharma.
The daily job at Domuspharma is to offer doctors natural and innovative therapies, able to reduce the problems of allopathic drugs. Nowadays a lot of disease are still without therapies, and the common medical approach is not sufficient too. Domuspharma tries to provide the doctor with new means, useful when the “chemical” drug fails, otherwise it just tries to cut down the symptoms. With the same moral attitude, Domuspharma gives final users a natural and effective drug, secure and able not to modify a human body’s metabolisms. Finally, Domuspharma focuses his attention on respecting and motivating the women and men who work for the enterprise.