Cholesterol and triglycerides

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Cholesterol is a fat physiologically present in human blood. More than half of it is produced by our organism, while the remaining part is assimilated through food. Cholesterol has different functions: first of all, it protects organ-ism from nerve cells formation, it participates to vitamine D production and digestive process, and it is also important for the bones health. An excess of LDL, which is the cholesterol bad component, can be a risk especially for heart; in fact, is necessary to follow a healthy diet and to undertake blood tests for taking under control the cardiovascular risks of our organism.



Also Triglycerides are fat substances physiologically present in human organ-ism. They are produced inside the liver and introduced through food. Triglycerides are a sort of a stock of fat for our organism, and they will provide energy (like glucose) to human body in emergency situations, for example when the organism can’t be supplied with energy by the usual primary sources. A dangerous increase of triglycerides could be a big risk for humans, because it could damage arteries. If the increase of TG values, as it is often the case, coincides with cholesterol serum values increase, there is a big cardiovascular risk. The mix of multiple risk factors such as hypertension, smoking, sedentary life, overweight or diabetes, added to cholesterol and triglycerides high level, could generate several cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol serum values
ValueTOT. CHO.
Optimal < 200 mg/dl
Borderline 200-239 mg/dl
High > 240 mg/dl
LDL CHO. serum values
Optimal < 100 mg/dl
Borderline < 115 mg/dl
High > 115 mg/dl
HDL CHO. serum values
Low < 40 mg/dl
Optimal > 40 mg/dl
TG serum values
Optimal < 150 mg/dl
Borderline 150-200 mg/dl
High > 200 mg/dl

Cholesterol and triglycerides

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