Pediatrics and immunostimulation

Pediatrics and immunostimulation - Domuspharma


Immunostimulation is a therapeutic approach that stimulates the organism defenses using natural remedies. These defenses are composed by those mechanisms (developed since infancy) able to recognize a dangerous condition such as inflammation. These mechanisms put the immune system into a state of alarm condition so that it can develop immunity in order to protect the organism from external attacks. We especially refer to immunostimulation when in autumn people take natural remedies to reinforce their immune system against respiratory infections. Obviously, the groups most at risk are children and the elderly, but nowadays also adults prefer to undergo immunostimulation cycles, with no side-effects.

Infants' gastric colic

Pediatria e immunostimolazione - Domuspharma

Babies' colic is a transitional but not dangerous condition. It is present in a baby out of five, after 2/3 weeks of life and should be resolved in a few months. An excessive amount of air, meteorism, causes a dilatation of the intestinal tract, and consequently, pain for the baby. A colic appears with an uncontrollable cry, especially in the evening, much more when babies are nursed with feeding bottle rather than in breastfed babies.

Pediatrics and immunostimulation

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