Nutraceutical - Domuspharma

The term "nutraceutical" was coined for the first time around the 1990s; it combines two words: "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical". Nutraceutical studies the active substances of food that have a beneficial function for the human body. In some cases, this is a truly curative effect, able to substitute the allopathic drug in not strict indications. The doctor should always give the correct prescription and dosage, even if, like in physiotherapy, the medical prescription is not necessary in order to follow the therapy.
However, you shouldn't forget that nutraceuticals could produce side effects, so that they must be used in the right way related to medical analysis. An overdose or a continued use of them could let you feel sick.

In Domuspharma, people always make biological research on nutraceuticals which can be totally compatible with the human body, using natural raw material, mainly food resources and officinal plants, that are later combined following the international indications, to create innovative and effective products. Now, nutraceuticals and physiotherapy are linked to each other, and a lot of products match benefits derived from food and vegetal sources.

Domuspharma focuses its attention to purity and strict control of raw materials, to their concentration and to the dosages that must be the ones recommended by international protocols and clinical analysis that have already made official research on the active principles. The second part of the research aims at creating new molecular associations able to create really effective therapeutic combinations. Finally, Domuspharma focuses the last part of research on an innovative use of those biotechnologies able to develop the efficiency of the final product.

Efficiency and security, in accordance with the human physiology, are the features that make any Domuspharma product different.
Domuspharma has important cardiovascular and gastroenterological therapies as well as in allergy, hematology, orthopedics, urology and pediatrics.